Updates to Ezy Carnival

2009-02-01 (Version 2.4)

  • Added and updated code procedures to increase compatibility with Microsoft Office 2007.


  • Added sorting and filtering functions to the Athlete Details window. Useful for finding names in long lists of students.

Version 2.2

  • Added 3 post-carnival participation statistics reports, showing boys vs girls participation, per-house participation, and per-event individual student non-participation.
  • Added Pre-carnival report for printing Score Cards.

Version 2.0

  • Interoperability with Ezy Carnival for Palm.
  • Ability to combine standards-based and placement-based point allocation - even within the same carnival. In the past, you had to choose one or the other versions of the application.
  • Ability to manage multiple carnivals within a single framework of standards and records, making archiving of finished carnivals easier.
  • Automatic event renumbering functions.



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