Frequently Asked Questions: General

Q1. How much does it cost?
Ezy Carnival costs $600 for high schools, $360 for primary schools. The optional plug-in Ezy Carnival for Palm costs $200. These prices are exclusive of GST.

Q2. Will this software work with my school admin software, in terms of using student data?
Yes. Most school admin software supports exporting student data to readable file formats. Once your data is in Excel format, Ezy Carnival can import it automatically using its Import Names function.

Q3. Will your software work for both swimming and athletics carnivals? Also, my carnivals have a number of unique novelty events.
Yes, Ezy Carnival can be set up to work with any set of events that has measurable results. You can also create and modify your own customised types of events - just give them names and tell Ezy Carnival how to score them, then put them into your events programme.

Q4. If I purchase the handheld version of Ezy Carnival, is that enough to run a carnival, or do I still need the desktop version?
No, Ezy Carnival for Palm is plug-in software, which means it simply extends the results-collection functionality of the Ezy Carnival desktop software to a mobile platform. All your carnival setup data must be entered on a desktop computer before it can be "synchronised" to a Palm device.

Q5. If I purchase Ezy Carnival now, can I purchase the Palm handheld plug-in at some future date?
Yes, Ezy Carnival for Palm is a standalone software plug-in. It can be purchased separately at any time.

Q6. I'm already convinced! What's the procedure for ordering Ezy Carnival?
Fill out the online Order Form here, or call us and we will process your order by phone. Once we receive your order, we will issue you an invoice by email or fax. You can pay either by direct deposit or by cheque. We will issue you your copy of Ezy Carnival upon receipt of your payment. (Note that Ezy Carnival software is usually delivered as an internet download that is pre-registered to your school, so we will ask for a contact email to which to send the download link. If you prefer, it is also possible to have the software mailed to you on a CD-ROM; this costs $22 extra.)

Q7. My school or education department has its own order forms. Can I fill one of these out and fax it to you?
Yes. Make the order out to Ezy Software Solutions, 17 Carrick Cross, Greenfields WA 6210. Phone/fax (08) 9581 9262. ABN 69 539 481 956. Make sure to include your contact email address if you are not ordering the software in CD-ROM format!

Q8. Can I get a copy of Ezy Carnival on trial before I order it?
Unfortunately, no. We have had mixed experiences offering trial downloads in the past, and have now adopted a purchase-only policy. It seemed to be too easy for well-meaning customers to use a trial version and postpone or forget about paying! As we see it, the cost of our software is low enough to be considered a low-risk investment (relative to other sports software). If you are wondering what the software will offer or not offer, we encourage you to contact us and ask specific questions before you buy. Please see question #6 below about what the software will and will not do.

Q9. What is the software licensing policy for Ezy Carnival?
There are no extra licensing fees for using Ezy Carnival software on more than one computer within your school, and if you have purchased the software you are permitted to make copies of the software for use within your school.

Q10. What is your technical support policy? Are there any hidden costs with this software?
Purchasing Ezy Carnival entitles you to unlimited use of the software, without extra cost. Technical support of the software is a matter of being registered. You are considered a registered school if you have purchased Ezy Carnival within the last year, or, after your first year, if you have paid an optional annual registration fee, currently $100+GST. This registration gives you technical support by phone and email, and free software upgrades, and is the only additional cost you may opt to pay.

Q11. Just how easy is Ezy Carnival to use? What will it do and not do for me?
Glad you asked! Having looked at some of the other sports carnival software available, we believe Ezy Carnival is one of the easiest to use. To date, every one of our customers who has used Ezy Carnival after using another package has agreed that it is not only easier but MUCH easier. However, let us be quick to point out that our software will not do "everything"! It is not designed that way - in fact, in order to reduce complexity and make it as easy as possible for first-time users, we have opted NOT to build certain types of functionality into it. It will not make your coffee for you! Therefore if you run fairly complex sports carnivals, or carnivals that operate differently from most other schools, let us be the first to encourage you to email us at to find out whether Ezy Carnival will natively do what you want done. Note that we also do some types of customisation work. Another thing to keep in mind is that although it's meant to be easy to use by computer software standards, rest assured that, as with any software, it will require some learning on your part to get started. Also, as you might expect, the first time you set up a carnival will take longer than subsequent times.



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