Finally, a sports carnival computer program that doesn't take days and days to learn!

Welcome to the online home of Ezy Carnival - designed to be the easiest-to-use software for sports teachers.

...This should be called 'Sports Software for Dummies'...
--Eric Alexander, SE Queensland

Let's face it, you want a program that's easy to get started and use, not something that will take a week poring over an instruction manual to learn. Developed in consultation with dozens of primary and high school phys-ed teachers, Ezy Carnival's design goal was to create a sports carnival application that was so easy to use it could be learned by anyone on their first go, without the need for
poring over laborious instruction manuals.

To that end, effort has been taken to
reduce the complexity of past sports
carnival applications. Ezy Carnival's intuitive graphical interface lets you quickly set up a carnival's layout with events and student names, record scores real-time during your carnival, and show or print results with only a couple of mouse-clicks.


...The technical support is sensational...
--Andre Gauci, WA

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